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Imagine a team of extraordinary individuals who redefine the boundaries of audio and visual storytelling. With their technical expertise, artistic vision, and boundless passion, they create captivating experiences that transport audiences to new dimensions. 

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Our Services

Six Productions brings cutting-edge technology and unparalleled creativity. We design and craft immersive soundscapes and mesmerizing visuals that elicit powerful emotions. Collaborating seamlessly with multiple teams and vendors, our creative team brings together diverse skills to push the limits of what's possible, leaving a lasting impact.


Live Music and Entertainment, Parties, Catering and other Social Events


Backline, Audio, Video and projection, LED Walls, Lighting, Staging, Event Power, Camera and Grip Equipment

Live Streaming & Broadcasting

Video Broadcast, Documentary Filming, Commercials, Creative Professional Production Planning and Design

Festivals & Live Events

Live Music, Events and Entertainment

Meetings & Corporate Events

Virtual or In Person, we cover all the AV needed for your companies meeting or event. 

In House AV Provider

Resort & Hotel Division

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Who We Work With

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