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Virtual Events

With COVID19 still lurking in the corner, many companies are forced toward online meetings and broadcasting remotely. The struggle to get online is over, get professional help today! 

Enhance your virtual presence

Critical communications require a professional solution in order to make an impact. Looking and sounding more polished has a dramatic effect on your business when you take matters online. Everyone is engaging remotely these days due to our current need to social distance, but much of the content we are seeing today is far from effective.

We are here to help.

Why It Matters

At some point, your integrated webcam and laptop audio are simply not going to cut it. The awkward angle, the dim lighting, the almost inaudible sound of your voice – all need some assistance if you want others to pay attention. A broadcast camera with minimal lighting and a professional microphone is the first step towards making an impact.


Essential Audiences

We can connect your team virtually – through investor and shareholder meetings, town halls, product demos, company wide events, training and on-demand content. No program is too large or too small to receive our professional consideration and care.


Let SIX Productions Come to You!

Our business is built to support multiple remote locations at once. Whether it’s at your business, in your home, or the great outdoors we ultimately bring everything together to provide a cohesive and coherent experience for everyone involved.



We work with any and all multimedia platforms to suit your needs. Six Productions will recommend the best way to reach your audience depending on the size and scope of engagement.



We have been in the business of capturing broadcast quality content for over 35 years, from top TV networks to social networks and now virtual events. 


Live Streaming Services  |  Assist & Knowledge in setting up virtual festivals & events  | Team Coaching

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